Geospatial Search

Search your Collection Geographically

Thoughts about the search interface:

From our TODO list:

Search interface for maps on the database:
  • Search engine for map collections with georeference trough the web interface:
    • Integration with Google Geo Search and use of AJAX Search API to search in our own map collection (simple solution)
    • Installation of LuceneGeoTemporal engine form and integration with their servers
    • Our own search engine based on new algorithm which would produce better results
  • Integration with Google Earth (dynamic KML script on our server - returning maps by active viewport)
  • Integration with Google Maps (Maplet)

 Export of geo-metadata to other search engines:
  • KML Metadata (compatible with interactive web maps a la Google Maps and with Google Earth)
    • SiteMap.xml export for crawlers linking KML metadata for every georeferenced map

 Synthetizing web interface for map search:
  • Inspiration based on MSR MapSynthetizer: (see the video demostration)
    • OpenLayers based web interface with integration of search functionality and produced georeferencing outputs
Existing projects and their user interface and ranking algorithms:

Alexandria Digital Library

Digmap: Lucene GeoTemporal Extensions


PostGIS + R-Tree index + postprocessing for ranking

GeoNetwork - project


Google Geo Search - by submitting KML to their database