Online publishing of scanned maps

Publishing scanned images of the maps:

Prerendered Tiles

Zoomify tiles

Zoomify is the easiest way how to publish big images on the Iternet. You run an windows application, process your scanned image and then copy the result to your webserver.

Demo of a zoomify presentation: 

Publishing step by step: 

  1. Download and run Zoomify Express from the website - use either the "Download Win" or "Download Mac" button. 
  2. As soon as you start the Zoomifyer application, it will ask you for an image file to process. Then it generates a directory structure with image tiles.
  3. You should place a simple web viewer into the produced directory. Easiest is to copy our prepared template: the index.html file and the ZoomifyViewer.swf (use right click and "Save As" to save those linked files to your computer).
    This two files should be in the directory with the rendered tiles - exactly in the same place where the ImageProperties.xml file is.
  4. Upload the whole directory tree to the web. Done!

OpenZoom Viewer for zoomify tiles

Demo of a presentation:

Publishing step by step: 

OpenZoom is an open-source implemetation of the tile viewer in Flash - in is similar to Microsoft DeepZoom from the user point of view. The viewer supports Zoomify tiles so the only thing you have to do is to replace the zoomify viewer .fla and index.html with the equivalents for openzoom.

Details: OpenZoom viewer for Zoomify tiles + our example

OpenLayers Viewer for zoomify tiles

Demo of a presentation:

Image Server

IIPImage (TIFF / JPEG2000)

This software allows direct publishing from JPEG2000 or TIFF files. You need to install it on a linux server which is connected to the Internet.

For more details and examples of the viewers please have a look at the web site:

IIPImage JPEG2000: Free Software for Zoomable High Resolution Online Images!

aDORe djatoka

Alternative JPEG2000 image server with robust permanent linking capabilities. 

Demo of a presentation:

Publishing maps, if you already have a georeference from GIS:

MapTiler/GDAL2Tiles (TMS, OGC WMTS)

MapTiler is an application which generates tiles which can act as overlay of Google Maps, Google Earth or existing WMS services. It generates also web-based viewer which you can customize. Publishing means just uploading to a webserver, similar like with Zoomify.

Demo of presentation:

More details: 

Publishing step by step: 

  1. Download and install MapTiler installer: MapTiler Installer
  2. Run the MapTiler application and follow the step-by-step guide. You need to create georeference for your maps in advance with another tool.

Example of practical usage on old maps: 

UNM MapServer (OGC WMS)

Demo of a presentation:
Demo with OpenLayers and related Map file and a direct url test

MapServer is traditional dynamic server-side system for publishing raster maps. It supports OGS WMS standard, handles custom query in cartographic coordinates and reprojection on the way. As a source image it supports reading from TIFF, JPEG2000, MrSID, ECW, etc.

MS4W - MapServer Installer for Windows MapServer Tutorial and Project site.

For improvement of the speed use tile caching tools like TileCache or GeoWebCache


Geoserver is an alternative for MapServer.
More info:

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