Standards for storage/exchange of metadata

Equivalent fields in these formats (for some there are available convertors):

Alexandria Digital Library Metadata + Crosswalk scripts:

ECAI Metadata Standards:

Exchange standards

  • OAI-PMH (harvesting in different metadata formats, always DublinCore?).
  • OpenGIS Catalogue Service ( defines remote query/filtering language, especially: Catalogue Service for Web (CSW) based on HTTP/SOAP (WSDL available) other protocol binding are for Z39.50, SRW/SRU and for CORBA/IIOP.
  • OpenSearch? GEO extension (returns GeoRSS, KML)

INSPIRE - EU initiative for exchange of spatial metadata

EU INSPIRE DIRECTIVE - establishing an INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation? in the European Community

Use of ISO standards (ISO 19115 XML and DublinCore?).

They have online editor for ISO-19115, and OGC Catalog Service CSW.

Topic Categories for maps:
Spatial Data Themes INSPIRE

Free software /

Omeka is a free, simple to use and simple to install (PHP+MySQL) open-source system for online cataloguing, publishing, sharing and annotating of historical documents - targeted to libraries, museum and archives. It supports DublinCore and OAI-PMH and is extensible via plug-ins. More info at

You can try it and directly use it also online via the cloud service:


Online open-source catalogue implementing OAI-PMH and OGC CSW, web interface for editing ISO metadata.



Desktop Java application for editing metadata (ISO) (which are stored as files in the directory).

UConn Map Metadata Editor

FGDC/GEODEX Metadata Editor saving records in MySQL database. Developed from "Building a Globally Distributed Historical Sheet Map Set" grant. It also contains GDAL2Tiles binary for cutting map files into Google Earth tiles.

‡ | Open Source Cataloging

Online MARC Editor with support for OAI, Z39.50, ... Possibility to use the project as an online service.

Open/Free Library Systems

Koha is an open-source integrated library system (ILS):



PMB (PhpMyBibli?):

PML (PhpMyLibrary?):

Geographic location in traditional metadata formats:

MARC family: field 034: documentation

034: $$dE0123600$$eE0273600$$fN0500000$$gN0400000
255: $$c[(012˚36’00" v.d.--027˚36’00" v.d./050˚00’00" s.š.--040˚00’00" s.š.)].

DublinCore: DCMI Box: documentation

DC.Coverage: name=Western Australia; northlimit=-13.5; southlimit=-35.5; westlimit=112.5; eastlimit=129


Gonzalez J.A.; Problems That Arise When Providing Geographic Coordinate Information for Cataloged Maps; Coordinates, Coordinates, Series B, No.8, ISSN: 1553-3255; Access article in PDF

Online tools

Our online tools for generating MARC21 Metadata for old maps (before 1850):

Tools working with map series and prepared sheet indexes: