IIPImage Server can be used on Linux, Mac or Windows. We have created installers for Windows, so deploying IIPImage on your machine won't be problem, you can just accept license and click next until installation finishes. Installers were created in two versions, both of these versions were compiled for 32bit and also 64bit systems, which means that we have covered  all desktop Windows platforms newer than Windows XP.


For easiest possible installation, we have attached servers to our installers what is the biggest difference between versions. Apache versions are targeted mainly for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems, while for other Windows systems, we recommend using IIS versions.

Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 (with built-in IIS webserver):

These versions don't include any server in installer, but they enables IIS 7/7.5, built-in server included in all Windows systems higher than Windows Vista. Binaries were build with Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 for better performance optimisation. If you have Windows Windows Vista or newer operation system, you will want to use IIS version, because of superior performance. It includes 32bit as well as 64bit versions in one installer, so they should cover all systems from Vista: Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8. Please let us know if you experience any problem during installation on these systems.

Download IIPImage with IIS 7/7.5 (recommended for all 32bit and 64bit systems newer than Windows Vista)

Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 (with Apache webserver):

Apache versions are shipped with Apache server and mod_fcgid module for fastCGI support. Binaries were build with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 for compatibility with Windows XP without Service Pack 3. If you plan deploying IIPImage on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, which don't support IIS, this is right version for you. Both, 32bit and 64bit versions are bundled in one installer.

Download IIPImage with Apache server (recommended for 32bit and 64bit Windows XP and Windows Server 2003)

Other web-servers:

If you want deploy IIPImage Server to other server then Apache or IIS 7/7.5, you can download binaries or build them yourself and use another server. You can use this manual to assist you in deploying and manual how to build binaries yourself for easier building of binaries.

Configuration of IIPImage Server:

IIPImage Server can be configured by setting startup variables, that modify its behaviour. You can find these variables in the IIPImage Server information in part "Server Configuration" and also in Readme file attached to every version of Windows installer. Setting these variables is different for Apache server and IIS.

Setting startup variables for Apache server:

If you have used our installer, you should have file httpd-iipimage.conf in <ApacheDir>\conf\extra directory, where <ApacheDir> is directory where is Apache server installed, by default it is C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2. If you open this file, for example in notepad, you will see, that there is already included one startup variable, FILESYSTEM_PREFIX. There should be this line: DefaultInitEnv FILESYSTEM_PREFIX "C:/Users/Public/Documents/IIPImage Images/"

In Apache server, each variable has syntax DefaultInitEnv NAME_OF_VARIABLE "Value of variable"

Put variables that you want for each line. Please note, that you can't use backslash, use slash (/) instead and put values of variables into double quotes ("). If you don't installed it using our installer and you don't have httpd-iipimage.conf file created, you can put these variables directly into httpd.conf in <ApacheDir>\conf directory.

Setting startup variables for IIS7/7.5:

Setting startup variables for IIS is simpler than for Apache server. Click Start button, type inetmgr and press enter. Now, you should have opened Internet Information Service Manager. While there, click on the FastCGI Settings icon. Now you should see list of fastCGI applications. One of them should be <IIPImageDir>\iipsrv.exe, where <IIPImageDir> is directory, where you have installed IIPImage, by default it is C:\Program Files\IIPImage JPEG2000\iipsrv.exe. Now, right click on it and choose Edit. While you are there, click on Environment Variables under the General tab and then click on the button with 3 dots (...). You should be in EnvironmentVariables collection editor. Now just click Add, fill name of variable and value and it's done. You can also use backslash and don't need to use quotes.