About the project

Project OldMapsOnline.org is improving and developing open-source software tools for map publishing, processing, georeferencing and spatial search in map collections.

We are designing a workflow where libraries and other institutions are publishing scanned maps and online visitors are collaborating on georeference, see visualization of the cartometric accuracy analyse and cooperate on geometadata editing just from a web browser.

We already produced several web-based tools (BoundingBox for MARC21/DublinCore, Online Georeferencing Tool) and open-source software tools like a JPEG2000 image server (IIPImage) or a desktop application MapTiler for publishing online mashups and overlays for Google Earth, Google Maps and other interactive web maps.

We are suggesting an open-source tool chain and methodology for efficient, cheap and user-friendly online presentation of the old maps.

Project is scheduled till 2011 and is backed by the Moravian Library in Brno with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic as a R&D project DC08P02OUK006.


Old Maps Online: Virtual Research Environment for Old Maps